In an effort to maintain the brand reputation of both Design House® and Leick Home® online and ensure that we have a strong channel to service our customers, DHI Corp. requires all Authorized Online Dealers and their partners/affiliates comply with our IMAP policy, effective February 21st, 2022. This policy is unilateral and will be strictly enforced. IMAP Policy:

  • The Internet Minimum Advertised Prices are published and updated periodically. Dealers will be required to update their advertised prices accordingly and promptly within a commercially reasonable period of time.
  • For items falling under the IMAP policy, IMAP shall be 25% off of list price unless otherwise noted by DHI Corp.
  • This policy covers advertising and related materials that are posted anywhere on an Internet website, including order entry/purchase order form, direct e-mail advertising and also advertising and related materials that are accessible through the website by means of a hyperlink.

The following are some (but certainly not all) violations of the policy

  • Use Coupon Code ABC10 and save 10% on all products from __
  • Social media post offering 10% discount off of Brand XYZ if someone likes or follows them

Each retailer remains free to establish their own resale price, but a retailer may not advertise or otherwise promote Design House® or Leick Home®’s active products lower than published prices.

If no price is advertised by an Authorized Online Dealer, said Dealer may advertise that consumers can “call for price” or “email for price” without violating DHI Corp.’s IMAP Policy.

During designated promotional periods, DHI Corp. may permit Authorized Online Dealers to advertise Design House® and Leick products below IMAP Prices. DHI Corp. reserves the right to suspend IMAP during these periods and will communicate in advance to all Authorized Online Dealers when this occurs.

Authorized Online Dealers are able to select their own sale prices and shipping charges.

Pricing information displayed in the online shopping cart or during the online checkout stage of a transaction is not considered “advertising” under this IMAP Policy. Pricing information in the “shopping cart” or “checkout” stages must be obscured technically so that it is not retrievable by shopping and pricing engines, and not displayed on search page results within the Authorized Online Dealer’s website.

Non-Compliance and Consequences: As noted above, an Authorized Online Dealer may set its own prices. However, if an Internet Retail Partner is found to be in violation of the IMAP Policy, DHI Corp. will take the following action at the SKU level by restricting access to inventory:

  • First violation -- retailer will receive a written warning and 24-hours to address the matter.
  • 2nd Violation – SKU access restricted for 30 days.
  • 3rd Violation – SKU access restricted for 90 days.
  • 4th violation – SKU access closed.


  • Overstock and discontinued items
  • DHI Corp. authorized promotions
  • Products in like new condition, but with an opened box

The IMAP covers advertised – not final – pricing, meaning dealers are free to negotiate the final selling price with their customers in keeping with free market trade and the best interests of the consumer-retailer dynamic. However, it is in the best interest of DHI Corp. to align itself with Authorized Online Dealers who support our brand reputation goals, provide a strong online sales, and focus on the end consumer. Violations will reset after six months of IMAP compliance on any SKU. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or contact our IMAP Administrator at

The IMAP policy will be enforced by DHI Corp. in its sole discretion and without notice. Dealers, distributors, and resellers have no right to enforce the IMAP policy. Violations of this policy may result up to and including termination of our business relationship. All questions related to this IMAP policy should be directed to DHI Corp.’s IMAP Administrator at