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Solid Rigid Cast Door Stop in Polished Brass, 10-Pack

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The Design House 10-Pack 3-inch Cast Door Stop is made of 100-percent steel and has a polished brass finish. This cast doorstop protects walls and doors from damage with its white rubber stopper. It can be mounted on walls or doors and includes a wood screw. The rubber stopper cushions walls with its padded surface and protects doors from unnecessary damage. Slamming a door can result in repair bills, punctured walls, and splintered wood. Install this door stopper in seconds and defend your home from loose and swinging doors with an intuitive setup. This doorstop is designed to withstand years of repeated use and outlast traditional stops of equal or greater value. Design House, the trusted source for quality lighting, hardware, plumbing, kitchen, and bath products for every taste and budget.
  • Protect Doors & Walls: Prevent doors from slamming shut and causing damage to both the door and adjacent walls by adding these wall protectors
  • Value Pack of 10 Door Stops: Ten solid rigid cast door stoppers are included for convenience to add to the whole house
  • Easy Installation: Simply attach the door stop to the wall behind the door with a screw or drill within minutes
  • Durable Construction: Heavy-duty door stoppers constructed with 100% steel to ensure durability while still being stylish in the sleek polished brass finish
  • Hardware Experts: Our unparalleled expertise in selling hardware for over a century positions us as trusted experts in the industry


  • Length: 0.9375
  • Width: 3.125
  • Height: 0.9375
  • Weight: 0.0234
  • Warranty: 1-Year limited warranty