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 Project Information                                    

What is the Project name and the Location (City and State)? *

What is the customer's name? *

What is the customer's Design House customer number? *

Who is the Design House sales contact? *

When is the first delivery required? *

What is the duration of the project? *

What is the required inital quantity of products? *

What is the required total quantity of products? *

Are there any other required items for the project? *


 Product Specs                                            

Give a detailed description of the desired product: *

What is the desired color or finish? *

What is the desired material (e.g. solid wood, MDF, plywood, etc) *

What are the required functions? *


 Weights & Dimensions                              

What is the required product height? *

What is the required product width/diameter? *

What is the required product depth? *

What is the required product weight? 


 Certifications / Warranty                            

Are there any required standards? *

Are there any required certifications? *

What is the required manufacturer warranty?


 Packaging Requirements                           

Do you require the product to be packaged in a Design House package or private labeled? *

What type of packaging does your project require?

What is the master pack quantity?

Will this project be direct shipment or cross-docked?

Does the project require slip sheet, pallet or floor stacked?


 Cost Requirements                                      

What is your target customer price? *

Are there any cash discounts?

If yes, what are the cash discounts?

Is there a CO-OP allowance?

If yes, what is is the CO-OP allowance?

Does this project qualify for any volume rebates?

If yes, what volume rebates does this project qualify for?

Does this project require any commissions to be paid?

If yes, what commissions are expected to be paid for this project?

Does this project require an advertising rebate?

If yes, what advertising rebate does this project require?

Does this project require a defective allowance? 

If yes, what is the defective allowance for this project?

Does this project require a buyback?

If yes, what is the dollar value of the buyback? 


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