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Displays & Merchandising

Displays and Merchandising

Showcase your Design House® merchandise with a display worthy of the product. Products are presented in a way that highlights their functionality – making for a customer-friendly, memorable experience. Contact our customer service team at 800-558-8700 to place an order for your store.

Prescott Lighting Display

This free-standing display holds 36 units of our Design House Prescott LED Retrofit/Surface light. (9 per shelf - 3 across, 3 deep). 

Displayer dimensions: 60"h x 26.5"w x 21.5"d

Product #920736

Emblem Lockset Display

Promote Design House's flagship lockset collection by using this attractive special order display. Display mounts using standard slatwall brackets and includes finish sample swatches, signage, and mounted product. 

Display dimensions: 21.5"h x 27.5"w x 2.5"d, 27 lbs

Product #921205

Three Sided Display

The versatile three-sided display is capable of showcasing up to three different Whole House® collections, one on each of its sides. Alternatively, one of the sides can be utilized to display three pieces of signage and hold a literature shelf. This free-standing display stands at 84.1" in height and includes a red base that is 32.1" in length. 

Product# 981829

Whole House® Counter Showcase

This space-saving display allows you to tell the Whole House story featuring multiple products from one Whole House collection. No stock purchases required.

Product# 901009

Special Order Center

Increase your sales without increasing your inventory.The Design House Special Order Center displays a full-line Design House catalog, making it easy for customers to order non-stocked products. 

Product# 900084


These counter mounts fit grade 2, grade 3, and keypad locks and help you show off the quality of the Design House lockset program. Available in one, three and five hole mounts and handleset mounts. 

Vanity Tops

Display up to four, 25" vanity tops with this free-standing display. Vanity tops sold separately. 


Faucet and Bath Accessories

Our faucet and bath accessory displays showcase the styles and finishes of each product line. Stocked product is merchandised directly beow the display for quick identification. 

Product# 921064 • Plumbing

Door Locks

The door locks display includes four spinner blocks to showcase complete families of locksets, both front and back. The design allows the mechanics of the locks to operate so customers can feel their quality. Spinner blocks can accomodate grade 2, grade 3, and keypad locks.

Product# 921049 • Door Hardware

Door and Cabinet Hardware

The door and cabinet hardware display shows the product in front of the cut-away master cartons. This allows for quick and easy identification of the product, simplifying the customer's product search.

Product# 921049 • Door Hardware

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Our indoor and outdoor lighting displays offer a simple way to showcase a mixture of light fixtures. Available in 4' sections, the product is truly the focal point of these displays.

Product# 921023 • LED Lighting
Product# 921031 • Indoor Lighting
Product# 921056 • Outdoor Lighting

Faucet Pods

Out faucet pods allow for easy displaying of our bath, kitchen, and bath & shower faucets. They are available in a cherry wood or black finish. Our new black finish is perfect for customers with high end showrooms, who desire a more modern merchandising program.


Whole House Merchandiser

The Whole House merchandiser is a great way to show multiple product categories and features two home packages per 4' section. Requires 4' on both sides of the aisle plus the overhead space.

Product# 921072 • Whole House

Overhead Gondola Display System

An easy way to install lighting and ceiling fan merchandise. Designed to connect with existing store gondolas by a series of interlocking brackets. Create an aisle display of 4', 8', 12', and 16'.

60" x 48" Lighting Cloud

A standard lighting cloud that attaches to the ceiling and displays overhead lights and ceiling fans. 12" x 12" lighting brackets and white tiles are ordered separately.